Terra Analytical team achieve SOS Services Standardisation

27 July 2020

Congratulations to our Terra Analytical team for achieving Cat S·O·S Services Standardisation for the first time on 1 July.

This is a significant milestone, as Terra Analytical is one of fewer than 20 of 90 dealer labs globally to meet all the requirements, says Fluid Analysis Centre Manager Ian Pendle.

"It's a great acknowledgement of the work that many people have put in over many years to see the lab reach the highest standards," says Ian.

How they did it

Focus, dedication and a considerable investment in people, process and systems over several years were all part of this achievement.

Tests must be performed by professionally trained laboratory technicians and managers in a safe environment using calibrated equipment with the ISO 9001 quality standard as a minimum.

Dealer labs also need a 100 percent positive response to four categories of questions – test results, laboratory operations, communication and equipment coverage metrics – to achieve standardisation.

"Using the New Caterpillar SOS Services Laboratory Information Management System gives us an enhanced capability to test samples, interpret the results, and communicate results consistently to the customer in a timely manner, so this was another step in achieving standardisation" says Ian.

The lab also needed to meet minimum requirements in key performance indicators for equipment enrolled and active in the S·O·S Services program, including Customer Value Agreement participation rates. The long-term goal is to continue to reach all global benchmarks in future Cat SOS assessments.

Thanks to key players

Special recognition goes to Ian Pendle, Sofio Abela and Dave Meighan for their outstanding efforts and leadership of the Terra Analytical team. Support from the wider Terra Cat business, particularly the Condition Monitoring Advisors and Partner Services teams, also played an essential part in meeting assessment criteria.

Ian says it's also good news for our customers and further reinforces the confidence they have in the lab's service and results.