Uniform Changes Look to Reduce Waste and Save Money

30 June 2020

Rebranding a business can be a costly and wasteful exercise, but Terra Cat is taking a different approach as it updates its uniforms.

New Zealand’s Caterpillar dealer for more than 90 years, Gough Cat became Terra Cat late last year after a change in ownership.

“We had a new name but didn’t want to scrap thousands of perfectly good pieces of uniform, so we immediately turned to Kilmarnock Enterprises, says Terra Cat’s General Manager – Customer Experience, Darren Sandford.

Kilmarnock Enterprises is a Christchurch-based charity that delivers a range of high-quality and cost-effective outsourcing solutions.

“We decided that asking the Kilmarnock team to replace the logos on uniforms, rather than scrapping our uniforms and starting again, was the right thing to do by the business and by the environment,” says Darren.

All Terra Cat uniforms will have their logos replaced by the Kilmarnock team, or be recycled for rags, depending on their condition.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Kilmarnock, as well as a shared commitment to sustainability, so we knew we could rely on them.”

Terra Cat and Kilmarnock already have an award-winning partnership that diverts more than 100,000 plastic containers from landfill each year. Its oil laboratory, Terra Analytical, carries out about 2.5 million fluid tests a year and since 2014, Kilmarnock Enterprises has cleaned and recycled the test kit’s cannisters.

Kilmarnock CEO Michael Toothill says the team take great pride in the work they do for Terra Analytical.

“We jumped at the opportunity to utilise our sewing skills to support Terra Cat’s branding transition. We’re particularly excited about this job as it involves repurposing uniforms, which supports our joint values around sustainability. Terra Cat continues to be a cornerstone customer, one that we genuinely regard as a partner."

“By outsourcing to Kilmarnock, we are also making a social impact by providing employment for people with intellectual disabilities, says Darren Sandford.

"I always enjoy doing jobs for Terra Cat, and it makes me feel so proud to be working on their uniforms," says Allie (pictured above), a Kilmarnock team member.