Brent Breaks NZ Skydive Record

16 February 2021



Jumping out of a plane is a once in a lifetime experience for many, but Terra’s Brent Findlay and a friend recently completed a staggering 120 skydives in one day.


Leaving Motueka Airport before sunrise, the Technical Communicator and his friend Steve Gregor completed a jump from 2500 feet every five or six minutes from 6.35am to 6.05pm.


The event consisted of one plane, two jumpers, three pilots, 16 parachutes and a crew of over 40 people on the ground to make the 11.5-hour jumping period as seamless as possible. 


Sunny weather and the great support team saw them easily break the New Zealand record of 100 jumps set almost 22 years ago. Their feat also raised $10,000 for the Mental Health Foundation NZ.


The pair first met when Brent taught Steve to skydive many years ago.


"I've been skydiving for over 35 years and it has taken me all over the world", says Brent.