Olivia Thomson Blog: "What's my why?"

06 December 2021



Like any job, it has its days.. and being in the construction industry you can guarantee no two are the same. But there’s this feeling of accomplishment you get when you drive past a previous project and think “I built that”. 


The earthmoving industry is a key component of the construction industry, and I think it isn’t glorified enough to reflect how epic it really is. There are so many avenues of the industry that come together to build the subdivisions, roads, bridges and dams (to name a few) that make living life in the fast lane possible. From surveyors to excavator operators, bulldozers, scrapers, project managers and engineers... team work makes dream work and there’s really no limit on what you can learn. 




The technologies in machinery are unreal. In the Cat Next Gen machines you can say goodbye string lines and hello to a 2D or 3D model of the design right in front of you. For us this is a 30 to 40 percent saving, taking out all the guesswork and miscalculations. 


For me, I love my job because I get to do a bit of everything. I find tendering and pricing jobs thrilling, you learn so much about what goes in to an hourly rate, and how much it actually costs to run machinery. I get to operate the big gear too... the Cat 637G (with fully functioning aircon and radio) is my favourite. The Cat 140M grader is a close second. Grading is like icing a giant cake except there are so many gadgets and techniques to learn about. Also, an added bonus is I get to hang out with my Dad every day. He is tough at times, and I have to remind him to “be normal”, but we have a lot of fun at work and he’s taught me everything I know about most things (he leaves the surveying, driving and working the printer to me 🤣)



To anyone thinking about a career in earthmoving, I’d say go for it! The industry is booming and there are so many paths to take. You’ll get to meet some characters, see visions come to life, probably get a machine stuck along the way. There’s dust, sweat and sometimes a few tears but, with drive and a bit of talent, we literally move mountains.