Terra Cat

Leadership Team

Grant Whitelaw

Chief Executive Officer

Grant has worked at Terra Industrial since October 2019 and prior to joining he was on the project team studying the dealership for six months.

Before starting at Terra, he was General Manager of Business Centre Operations at Brisbane-based Hastings Deering and has been associated with them since 2007.

Grant has more than 35 years of experience with Cat dealers globally including Indonesia, China, Peru and across New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Throughout that 35 years, Grant has worked in service, parts, operations, sales and marketing in various management and executive roles.

While not at work, Grant enjoys spending time with his wife and, looks forward to family time with his adult children and their partners who are all in the mining industry. Grant is also a keen surfer, still plays squash and touch football and is keen to explore New Zealand’s great outdoors from his home near Auckland.