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The benefits of choosing Caterpillar Filters and Fluids products include improvements to machine life and engine performance. They are designed for the exact requirements of Cat machines, tested through rigorous conditions and applications. Cat filters provide the superior quality and protection you need to maximise your engine and other component system’s life. Cat fluids are a range of greases, coolants and oils for specific applications and components.

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1. Are Cat filters just another aftermarket brand painted yellow?

No. Cat filters are produced by Caterpillar in a Caterpillar jointly-owned facility operating as AFSI (Advanced Filtration Systems Inc.)

2. Aren’t you just paying for the name – what’s the difference inside the can?

Cat filters incorporate unique Caterpillar design features such as:

  1. acrylic beads to prevent media bunching
  2. spiral roving to reduce pleat flex and fatigue
  3. moulded end caps, one piece design which eliminates leak paths
  4. non-metallic centre tube, stronger than metal and maximises cleanliness

3. Who makes Cat fluids?

Cat oil is unique to Caterpillar, the additive packages are blended to suit Caterpillar machine requirements by specific oil grade in a partnership with Exxon. Caterpillar Extended Life Coolant (ELC) is also produced in a partnership with Chevron to stringent Caterpillar machine requirements.

4. How long does Cat Extended Life Coolant (ELC) last?

For machines and commercial engines up to 12,000 hours or 6 years, whichever comes first.  For truck engines up to 1,000,000 kilometres or 6 years, whichever comes first. (All subject to acceptable scheduled sampling)

5. How long does Cat Hydraulic Oil (HYDO) last?

Cat HYDO Advanced 10 lasts up to 6,000 hours (subject to acceptable scheduled sampling.) This is the best product available for Cat machine hydraulic systems.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) list of chemical information

Engine Oil

UltraSoniX™ HV

Cat 75W-140 Syn Gear Oil

Cat DEO CF40

Cat DEO ULS 15W40

Cat Natural Gas Engine Oil Advanced 40

Cat Special Application Engine Oil (SAE 30)

Cat Multipurpose Tractor Oil 

Cat Special Application Transmission SATO


Cat Final Drive Axle Oil 

Cat Transmission & Drive Train Oil 10W

Cat Transmission & Drive Train Oil 30

Cat Transmission & Drive Train Oil  50

Hydraulic Oil

Cat Hydo Advanced 10

Cat Hydraulic Oil Additive


Supplemental Coolant Additive

Cat Coolant Conditioner for Aluminum Componants

Cat Extend Life Coolant


Cat Extreme Application Grease

Cat Prime Application Grease SDS

Cat Utility Grease


Fuel Cat Diesel Fuel Conditioner