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Cat Undercarriage is comprised of a range of parts that work as a powerful system to keep your machine stable and moving on all kinds of terrain. And what is the key to that is our team helping you to understand how to get the most from your undercarriage investment.

Consider this, over half of a track machine’s owning and operating costs result from its undercarriage. With this in mind it makes sense to make an investment in a system that will bring you the most value against your business’s bottom line. Enter Caterpillar undercarriage parts.

Please browse through the various Cat undercarriage parts below to see exactly what we can offer, and what our point of difference is from our competitors.

General Duty: Recommended for low-to-moderate impact applications where the elevated performance of Cat Grease Lubricated Undercarriage is not needed.

Heavy Duty: Engineered specifically for machines operating in demanding work environments, Cat HD Track features strong links, pins and bushings to withstand the effects of high-impact loads and underfoot conditions.

System One: This is an undercarriage system that offers reduced maintenance and increase life. Its patented design eliminates bushing turns and link scalloping.

Need a track service? Click here to contact your local Parts & Service Sales Representative to schedule a custom track inspection and service.


Dozer Undercarriage

We can supply a variety of undercarriage options available for your Cat Dozer to suit a range of applications.

Components include Idlers, Rollers, Link Assemblies, Track Shoes, Rubber Tracks, Track Groups, and Track Shoe Re-Lug Bar.

Click the link to view Cat Undercarriage Selector tool for certain Cat Dozer models. Match features of the Cat General Duty, Heavy Duty and Abrasion undercarriage for Cat dozers to determine what features match with your requirements.

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Excavator Undercarriage

One of the most important factors in helping you achieve the lowest owning & operating costs and maximising uptime for your excavator is matching the right undercarriage option to your working application.

What is the best fit for you?

Your work experience is the most important element in selecting the Cat undercarriage that best meets the demands of your business. To figure out exactly which is the right fit for your work and machine, you have to ask questions:

  • How long will I own this machine?
  • How many hours a week will I be using this machine?
  • What are my typical ground/soil conditions?
  • What are my impact conditions?
  • What are the grades/slopes on my job site?
  • What level of packing do I expect?

The more precisely you can define these parameters, the more effective your undercarriage choice will be. In the Undercarriage Selector Chart, you’ll find information that will help you choose the Cat Undercarriage that’s just the right fit for your work and your budget.

Components include Idlers, Rollers, Link Assemblies, Track Shoes, Rubber Tracks, Track Groups, and Track Shoe Re-Lug Bar.

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Rubber Track Undercarriage

Rubber tracks for Cat Multi Terrain Loaders (MTLs) contribute to high flotation, low ground pressure, machine stability and smooth ride. Exceptional construction means our belts are less susceptible to cuts and tears, with embedded high-tensile cords running the length of the track.

The steel-embedded rubber tracks on Cat Compact Track Loaders (CTLs) do more than provide excellent traction control. Their unique design also contributes to high floatation, low ground pressure, machine stability and smooth ride.

Rubber Track Options:

  • For Multi Terrain Loaders – Standard, Smooth Tread and Wide Width
  • For Compact Track Loaders - Polar Tread and Narrow Width
  • For Both - General Duty

Rubber Track Selection:

There are a number of factors that need to be considered to select the correct rubber track for your machine.

How many hours each year does your machine work?

Less than 300: General Duty tracks may be best for you.

Between 300 and 800 hours: General Duty or Premium are both options for you, but please also consider the job application and underfoot environment.

More than 800: Premium tracks will be the best option.

Consider the operator in the equation; how many are there for this one machine? Do they have a lot of experience? A single operator is more likely to have a vested interest in taking care of their machine which will help to maximise track life. On the other hand, less experienced operators will not have a great awareness of total owning/operating costs and it may result in a lesser track life.


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