Versatile and Reliable. The CAT AP300F Asphalt Paver is part of the broad range of Caterpillar asphalt paving equipment that provides solutions to demanding paving applications.

The CAT 300F Asphalt Paver Delivers.

  • Smooth and Simple Operation
  • 55kW Gross Power
  • High Efficiency Powertrain


Work confidently. Work comfortably.

The AP300F is a small to mid-sized paver with a paving range from 1.75 m to 4.0 m (5.6 - 11.1 ft), making it a perfect fit for urban streets, cycle and walking paths, shoulders, as well as other small and medium job sites.


Operate with Ease.


Technologically advanced features such as eco-mode, auto-fill, single-touch feeder activation, and automated travel mode make this paver and screed combination extremely productive and versatile for large and small contractors.


Less Effort. More Control.

Consistent paving starts can lead to smoother pavement with the auto-fill material feed system.


Big Performance. Compact Design.

A reduction option reduces the paving width to 700 mm (27 in) for trenches and other narrow applications.


Operating Weight - With SE34 VT
8200 kg
Tractor Weight
6600 kg
Operating Weight - With SE34 V
8000 kg
Truck Entry Width
3150 mm
Maximum Paving Width
4 m