Versatile and Reliable. The CAT AP600F Asphalt Paver is part of the broad range of Caterpillar asphalt paving equipment that provides solutions to demanding paving applications.

The CAT 600F Asphalt Paver Delivers:

  • 129kW Gross Power
  • For mid-sized production
  • 2.55-5m Standard paving range


Work confidently. Work comfortably.

The AP600F is a mid to high production wheel paver that offers versatility for highways, rural roads, streets and other mid-sized projects.


Operate with Ease.

Single touch operation features for the auto-fill feeder system, feeder system activation, and hopper control, allow operators to concentrate on truck exchanges and other duties for improved efficiency.


Less Effort. More Control.

Easy operation F-Series pavers allow Cat Grade Control to be operated from any of the two tractor or two screed consoles.


Big Performance. Compact Design.

The dual independent operating stations can extend beyond the frame for good all-around visibility.


Operating Weight - Paver Only
13845 kg
Maximum Travel Speed
14.9 km/h
Maximum Paving Speed - With Vibratory Screed
76 m/min
Inside Turn Radius
1.5 m
Maximum Paving Speed - With Tamper Bar Screed
25 m/min