SE60VT XW Tamper Bar Screed

Screeds Asphalt Pavers

Versatile and Reliable. The CAT® SE60VT XW Tamper Bar Screed is part of the broad range of Caterpillar asphalt paving equipment that provides solutions to demanding paving applications.

The CAT SE60VT XW Vibratory Screed Delivers:

Fast Heating
Tamper Bars
Exclusive Monitoring

Work confidently. Work comfortably.

The SE60 VT XW delivers extremely tight mat textures with high densities. It utilizes rear-mounted extenders, tamper bars, vibratory screed plates and has a paving range of 3.0 m to 10.0 m (9' 10" - 33'). It excels on interstates, highways, airport runways and other wide-width applications.

Operate with Ease.

The 70 kW, tractor integrated generator combined with the technologically advanced screed heating system, ensures fast, even heat distribution.

Less Effort. More Control.

The extenders are equipped with 2 speed ranges and proportional control for better performance around obstacles.

Big Performance. Compact Design.

Factory integrated Cat Grade Control allows the crew to operate from either of the tractor or screed consoles.


Standard Weight
4490 kg
Maximum Paving Width
10 m
Maximum Paving Depth
305 mm