Engineered and built with versatility in mind, the Weiler P195 incorporates proven designs with new innovations to provide performance, reliability and outstanding mat quality in a wide range of applications. 

Versatile Screed.

The Weiler designed screed delivers outstanding mat quality and a wide paving range. The 1.16 m front mount screed is hydraulically extendable to 2.13 m and 2.74 m with bolt-on extensions.

Smooth Ride.

2032 mm track length with 1625 mm of ground contact and 125 mm track chain pitch provides smooth ride and excellent flotation. Automatic track tensioning ensures performance and maximizes component life.

Visibility and Control.

All controls are located on a single panel within easy reach of the operator. The sliding control console enhances operator ease of use and visibility to either side of the machine.

Narrow Design.

The 1.16 m track width and 1.16 m screed allows the P195 to fit within a 1.2 m cut for a true 1.2 m paving width. The hopper folds up for an overall machine width of 1397 mm for simple transport and access to tight working environments.

Fast Service.

Remote grease lines, spray down system with 19 L tank and coiled hoses, three engine access doors and Caterpillar dealer service and support keep your machine up and running with limited down time.


5896 kg
Cat Engine
67 hp
Basic Width
1.39 hp
Paving Width Range
1.16 - 2.13 m
Max Laydown Rate
250 t/hr