Small and Powerful. The Cat® 302.7 CR Mini Excavator delivers big performance in a compact design.

The CAT 302.7 CR Mini Excavator Delivers:

Unmatched dealer support
Lower operating costs
Quick and easy maintenance

Work confidently. Work Comfortably.

Choose either a canopy or a sealed and pressurized cab which can be equipped with air conditioning, adjustable wrist rests, and a suspension seat option to help keep you working comfortably all day long.

Work Efficiently.

Less effort and improved control. Easily switch from traditional travel controls with levers and pedals to joystick controls to move the machine and to operate the blade. 

Be Versatile.

Maintenance is quick and easy on the Cat mini excavator. Routine check points are easy to access at ground level through the side doors.



Net Power
15.7 - 17.6 kW
Operating Weight
2262 - 3040 kg
Dig Depth
2750 - 2710 mm