Terra Analytical

Getting Started

Terra Analytical know that maximising your investment in your equipment is top priority. We also know that one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns is to routinely sample and analyse the fluid and components that are the 'life-blood' of your equipment.

As the leading equipment fluid analysis provider in the country, Terra Analytical can help identify many potential problems or abnormal wear patterns, enabling you to be proactive before more serious damage occurs.

Our information can:

  • Prevent minor issues becoming expensive failures
  • Help you predict equipment wear and manage your components more easily
  • Produce a full equipment profile and history that can be retrospectively analysed to evaluate and enhance long-term machine performance
  • Increase 'resale' value by providing a full service and maintenance history

Confident in the knowledge that your oil is being regularly monitored by our expert team, you can avoid premature oil changes by following the recommendations of our interpreters and only change out the fluid when it becomes contaminated or degraded. As a result you can 'optimise' the fluid life cycle and lower costs incurred, minimising unnecessary fluid changes and disposal, and reducing overall cost of ownership.