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Modern engines are highly sensitive to fuel quality and machine efficiency rapidly declines if poor or contaminated fuel is used. Terra Analytical's fuel analysis programme provides an expert review of fuel condition. Our team can identify any impurities and biological, fungal or bacterial growth that could lead to blockages or component damage, resulting in poor operational performance and reliability issues.


The cooling system is a vital part of the overall machine performance and longevity of your equipment. Research by one OEM has shown that 50% of all engine downtime is associated with cooling system related issues. Problems that begin in your cooling system can spread through your engine as well as the transmission or hydraulic systems, which are cooled by heat exchangers.


Within 48 hours of the sample arriving at our lab, Terra Analytical will deliver your results to you along with recommendations via our dedicated online reporting service, S•O•S Web or the My Terra Cat customer portal*. It makes fluid analysis faster, easier and more convenient for you and available at your fingertips. S•O•S Web is an industry leading web-based reporting service, allowing you to view sample data and detailed reports in real-time from anywhere at your convenience. No mess, no fuss, just immediate access to your analysis results and recommendations.


Specialist services tailored to your needs because one solution does not fit all. These include Filter Analysis, Magnetic Plug Debris Analysis, Grease Analysis and Consultancy Services.

* My Terra Cat customer portal is only available to customers with a current Terra Advantage agreement.