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    Did you know at Terra Cat, we have Equipment Protection Plans (EPP) that ensure you can continue to get the job done without any unexpected repairs or costs?

    You count on your machines to get the job done on-site every day. Did you know at Terra Cat, we have Equipment Protection Plans (EPP) that ensure you can continue to get the job done without any unexpected repairs or costs?

    What are Equipment Protection Plans (EPP)?

    Equipment Protection Plans are designed to specifically protect your investment, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ - you can choose which option is best suited for you, your machine and budget.

    EPP offer specialised coverage in support of the Caterpillar Certified Rebuild program; this includes coverage for eligible components under the Caterpillar Certified Machine Component Rebuild (CMCR) program for machines to meet the needs of all customers, New Zealand wide, no matter the industry or specific requirements.

    What are some features of EPP?

    EPP offers comprehensive coverage: EPP adds valuable years and hours of operation to your standard warranty period, helping keep major repair costs from hurting your bottom line.

    You can choose the option that is best for you: You choose the level of protection that best meets your needs, risk tolerance and budget.

    Local expertise available at Terra Cat: our trained technicians have the experience and tools on site to repair your Cat equipment quickly and accurately.

    Peace of mind with your machine: A major failure can threaten your profitability or even viability. EPP helps you manage risk and protect your livelihood.

    Terra Cat one-stop-shop: You can rely on our New Zealand-wide team for equipment, financing, EPP and everything in between - all backed by the power of Caterpillar.

    EPP protects your investment and your peace of mind

    EPP offers coverage to help you get the most out of your Cat equipment and avoid any unexpected costs for unexpected repairs.

    Our team of experts at Terra Cat perform necessary inspections to confirm eligibility, install parts approved by Caterpillar on covered repairs and ensure your EPP, through:

    • Operating rebuilt components with confidence, knowing any defects in material and workmanship will be covered.

    • Prolonging the productive life of your equipment's components with expert repairs that keep machines performing at original specifications.

    • Ensuring all repairs are done right the first time with our factory-trained technicians using genuine Cat parts.

    • Allowing you to plan with confidence because you can better predict service and maintenance costs.

    EPP plans are available for eligible Certified machine (CCR), powertrain (CPT) and component (CMCR) rebuilds, as well as new machine purchases.

    Speak to our team about which EPP option is best suited to protect your investment. Contact us on 0800 93 39 39.


    Terra Cat offers complimentary 24Month / 4000Hour EPP with every Certified Machine, Powertrain or Component rebuild.

    To qualify for coverage under an EPP, you need to:

    • Operate your equipment according to the Cat Operation & Maintenance Manual (OMM) (e.g., no improper fuel use)

    • Ensure recommended preventive maintenance is performed at intervals specified in the OMM

    • Provide proof of preventive maintenance compliance (receipts, copies of work orders, invoices) on request

    • Promptly provide your equipment for repair in the event of a covered failure

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