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Extending the life of your equipment

New Zealand's foremost fluid analysis laboratory, Terra Analytical, has been providing expert advice to customers since 1973.

Whether you require oil, fuel, coolant, grease or filter analysis for your equipment - regardless of the make or model - Terra Analytical will complete a detailed evaluation to detect potential problems much earlier to avoid expensive repairs and unscheduled downtime.


You will receive your results and recommendations within 48 hours of us receiving your sample*.


Dedicated account management team gives you a trusted point of contact who will work to ensure the ongoing success of your maintenance strategy.


Trusted and proven across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands in construction, aviation, road transport, marine, food, leisure, power generation and defence.

Fluid Analysis Services

  • Fuel Analysis
    Modern engines are highly sensitive to fuel quality and machine efficiency rapidly declines if poor or contaminated fuel is used. Terra Analytical's fuel analysis programme provides an expert review of fuel condition. Our team can identify any impurities and biological, fungal or bacterial growth that could lead to blockages or component damage, resulting in poor operational performance and reliability issues.
  • Coolant System Analysis
    The cooling system is a vital part of the overall machine performance and longevity of your equipment. Research by one OEM has shown that 50% of all engine downtime is associated with cooling system related issues. Problems that begin in your cooling system can spread through your engine as well as the transmission or hydraulic systems, which are cooled by heat exchangers.
  • Online Results Service
    Within 48 hours of the sample arriving at our lab, Terra Analytical will deliver your results to you along with recommendations via our dedicated online reporting service, S•O•S Web or the My Terra Cat customer portal*. It makes fluid analysis faster, easier and more convenient for you and available at your fingertips. S•O•S Web is an industry leading web-based reporting service, allowing you to view sample data and detailed reports in real-time from anywhere at your convenience. No mess, no fuss, just immediate access to your analysis results and recommendations.

    * My Terra Cat customer portal is only available to customers with a current Terra Advantage agreement.
  • Bespoke Analysis Service
    Specialist services tailored to your needs because one solution does not fit all. These include Filter Analysis, Magnetic Plug Debris Analysis, Grease Analysis and Consultancy Services.

Getting Started

Terra Analytical lab uses a prepaid test kit system which means we can start testing as soon as we receive your sample. The cost of the test kit covers the sample bottle, return postage, testing of the sample and reporting your results.

Most sample tests are covered by a standard oil test kit which can also be used for coolant or grease (not fuel). We have a range of specialty test kits for specific applications. Additional tests and urgent options are available*.

* Additional charges may apply for non-standard services.

Shopping Cart

Simply choose the kits you need, then complete check out at using your existing Terra trade account or credit / debit card.

Still not sure? Use live chat or call the Terra Analytical team on 0800 93 39 39 for advice on selecting the right kit or to order over the phone.

  • Test Kits
    Oil / Coolant Kit
    Oil / Coolant Kit - Live
    Diesel Fuel Test Kit - North Island
    Diesel Fuel Test Kit - South Island
  • Pumps and Accessories
    Sample Pump - Plastic
    Sample Pump - Aluminium
    Disposable Pump
    Live Sample Adaptor
    Tool Box Starter Kit
  • Speciality Test Kits
    GA9C1032 plus TAN (by titration)
    GA9C1032 plus TBN (by titration)
    GA9C1032 + KF
    Gas Engine Kit (+XRF +TBN +TAN)
    Disposable Pump Sample Kit
    Filter Element Test Kit
    Used Oil Fuel Test Kit
    Fuel Test Kit (incl. 3.5m Long Tubing)
  • Bulk Test Kits
    Oil 12 Pack Kit
    Oil 12 Pack Kit - Live
    Oil 50 Pack Kit
    Oil 50 Pack Kit - Live

About Terra Analytical

We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients - new, old, and prospective - have the latest information available about our analytical services capability, and how its progressive development over the last forty years will benefit your business both now and in the future.

Ever increasing sample diversity and complexity, and rapid growth in our customer numbers, combined with a need to turnaround sample results at a faster rate has resulted in significant investment in our laboratory facilities.

We have been an ISO 9001 Accredited "Used Oil Testing Facility" since 1996.

We invite you to please take the time to explore more about the services we offer and share in the benefits that the thousands of our customers have reaped over the last four decades. Be it underpinning the maintenance programme of the largest organisations in NZ, or supporting single owner/operators trying to get the most from their machines at minimal cost, we’re here to serve you.