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    Maintaining Our Mental Health

    We marked Mental Health Awareness Week in September with five days of wellbeing-boosting activities.

    Terra branches across the country marked Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) this September with five days of wellbeing-boosting activities.

    The theme of this year's MHAW, which has been run annually by the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation since 1993, was Five Ways, Five Days.

    Each day focused on one simple yet proven action known to promote balance and build resilience: take notice, give, be active, connect and keep learning.

    mhaw chch 2

    Heavy Diesel Technician Apprentice Stace Gower says the barbeque breakfasts, beach walks and bush planting activities were more than just a chance to share a few laughs outside work hours or during breaks.

    "We had some really meaningful conversations along the way. It became an opportunity to build stronger connections and see each other as more than just colleagues," said Auckland-based Stace, a member of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Council which oversaw the week's activities.

    Mental Health Awarness Week - Rotorua 2023 (9) (003)

    Given how much time we spend together, this week was a chance to express our gratitude for one another.

    Plus, the activities were designed to uplift spirits, give back to our community or infuse fun into the workplace – I would have to say that the pinatas and ice cream were a highlight in Auckland!

    Ensuring our workplace culture promotes physical and mental health aligns well with Sime Darby's ESG blueprint.

    And, while MHAW is only marked for a short period each September, caring for mental health is a year-round goal.

    gisborne branch

    "Life often presents challenges and uncertainties. But as a company, if we can create a safe, non-judgmental environment where people can seek help and guidance, and foster personal growth and learning, everyone will benefit," says Stace.


    Mental health is an inherent aspect of everyone's life, so it's crucial that we make this a priority. Creating a culture where everyone feels safe, heard and supported is imperative to me and I want to emphasise that no one should ever have to face challenges alone.

    Learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week

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