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Asphalt Pavers

Terra Cat offers a broad range of Cat® rubber tire, steel track and rubber belted asphalt pavers. High horsepower and excellent mobility help operators place the mat where they want it. All models are equipped with independent feeder systems designed to reduce segregation and handwork. The ventilation system draws fumes away from the conveyor tunnel as well as the auger chamber and redirects them away from the operator for a more comfortable working environment. Electronic self-diagnostics on the propel and feeder systems maximize maintenance efficiency and reduce machine downtime.
Track Asphalt Pavers

The AP1055 asphalt paver is a rubber track paver that delivers a high-return on investment with its extremely versatile Mobil-tracâ„¢ undercarriage that delivers...

Track Asphalt Pavers

The AP355 Asphalt Paver combines excellent styling with technology that exemplifies comfort and productivity. Numerous technological enhancements help contractors navigate around the twists...

Wheel Asphalt Pavers

The AP400 is a wheel-type asphalt paver that provides easy transport, application versatility, and a wide paving range, making it the perfect match...

Track Asphalt Pavers

The AP455 Mobil-trac™ Asphalt Paver delivers excellent traction and mobility as-well-as, easy set-up, and a wide paving range, making it the perfect fit...

Wheel Asphalt Pavers

The Cat® AP500 Asphalt Paver is designed for urban streets, car parks, rural roads and many other small to intermediate-type applications. This paver...

Track Asphalt Pavers

The Cat® AP555 Mobil-trac™ Asphalt Paver is sized right for both urban and rural applications. It delivers excellent traction and mobility as-well-as easy...

Wheel Asphalt Pavers

The AP600 asphalt paver is a wheel paver that delivers a high-return on investment with the fast heating screed system, low fuel consumption,...

Track Asphalt Pavers

The AP655 asphalt paver is a rubber track paver that delivers a high-return on investment. This high-production paver offers a fast heating screed...

SE50 V Vibratory Screed

The SE50 V vibratory screed is equipped with rear-mounted extenders and vibratory screed plates. It offers a paving range of 2.55 m -...

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Cat® Screeds

Cat® screeds are simple to set up for consistently smooth traverse joints and minimum screed plate wear. Even when set up for maximum paving width, Cat Screeds resist flexing due to unique, robust guide tube design.

Cat® Track Asphalt Pavers

Track-equipped pavers offer superior traction for challenging projects that have poor underfoot conditions or the need to push large haul units up steep grades. Mobil-Trac™ undercarriage systems provide increased mobility and smooth, quiet operation.

Cat® Wheel Asphalt Pavers

Wheel-equipped pavers offer high mobility for projects that require a lot of paver movement along with a bump-absorbing undercarriage that promotes smooth paving. High horsepower and all-wheel drive options allow you to take on the toughest applications.

Weiler Asphalt Pavers

We also offer a broad Weiler range of asphalt paving equipment including rubber tire, steel track and rubber belted pavers. Pavers and windrow elevators provide versatile and reliable solutions to demanding paving applications.

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