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Hydraulic Parts



The team of product support specialists at Terra Cat has the genuine Cat hydraulic parts range and expertise to help you, our customers, make decisions to:

  • Achieve maximum component life for your hydraulic system,
  • Extend oil change intervals,
  • Keep your machine's hydraulic system running at peak efficiency, and
  • Cut service costs and unplanned downtime.
  • Cylinder Seals

    Cat® Seals are specifically designed to handle the increasing pressures and temperatures of today’s hydraulic cylinders. To avoid poor performance or leaks use genuine Cat seals. We carry over 1,000 seals to meet all your applications needs.

    Resealing your hydraulic cylinders quickly and effectively is just one of the many ways you can help lower your operating costs and improve your machine hydraulic system performance. Cat hydraulic cylinder seals can help operators and owners get maximum machine productivity at the lowest possible cost.

    • Press-In Wiper Seals
    • Snap-In Wiper Seals
    • Snubber Seals
    • U-Cup Rod Seals
    • Buffer Seals
    • Head Seals
    • Head Wear Rings
    • Metal Bearing Head Wear Rings
    • Piston Seals
    • Piston Wear Rings

    Cat Cylinder Seals offer convenience, quality, protection and value, and they are also available in convenient kits.

    Convenience: One part number gets you all the right seals for your application.

    Quality: Cat seal kits contain genuine Cat hydraulic cylinder seals, matched to specific applications for durability and long wear life.

    Protection: careful packaging helps ensure seals are protected from contaminants that can reduce hydraulic system performance.

    Value: Available off-the-shelf for most cylinder applications, Cat seal kits cost less than ordering the seals individually.

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  • Cylinders and Rods
    Cat hydraulic cylinders and rods are designed to allow for a variety of service and repair options. Featuring an innovative sealing system that absorbs spikes in pressure, withstands side loading and guards against contaminant entry better than competitive brands, Cat cylinders and rods are superior in strength and quality.
  • Hoses

    Cat hydraulic hoses are the preferred connection.

    When it comes to hydraulics, you want the safest and most reliable components on your machine. Cat hose assemblies are the product of unrivalled expertise, rugged design, meticulous manufacturing, rigorous testing and unmatched support.

    To achieve peak performance from your Cat equipment, you need hydraulic replacement parts that are equivalent to your factory-installed components. That’s why at Terra Cat we engineer our replacement hose products to the same standards as the hose products originally installed on Cat machines. Close attention to routing and pressure requirements are two key elements that differentiate our ability to provide the highest levels of safety and reliability with our hydraulic systems.

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  • Pumps and Motors

    Cat pumps and motors for pistons and gears are designed and rigorously tested to meet the applications and performance requirements of Cat equipment. Advanced electronic controls let you switch dynamically among three distinct control modes: load sense, pressure control, and displacement/flow control. 

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  • System Management

    Customer demand for more powerful and easier to operate equipment has elevated the importance of proper hydraulic system management. Terra Cat can offer you a range of integrated system management services to help machine owners maintain top performing hydraulics.

    To keep your hydraulic systems operating at peak performance, we offer three integrated services to help; contamination control, scheduled oil sampling, and technical inspections.

    Studies show hydraulic system efficiency can erode as much as 20 percent before even the most astute machine operators detect there's a problem. This equates to increased fuel usage, decrease in production, extended job times and additional wear and tear on the machine.

    Effective management of the hydraulic system helps keep machines performing at peak productivity while minimizing downtime and operating cost.

    Contact your local Parts & Service Sales Representative and ask how we can incorporate a hydraulic system management program into a Customer Support Agreement for you to achieve these results today.

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  • Valves

    State of the art manufacturing technologies enable Cat valves to deliver superior machine performance and operator control.

    Quality materials and metallurgy provide increased strength:

    • High strength material allows the valve to flex for more fatigue strength
    • Proper forging process prevents laps or inclusions for better fatigue strength

    Systems functions, such as ride control, anti-drift, and pilot supply can be incorporated into the valve allowing you to reduce hydraulic lines in the system. Integration reduces the need for add-on valves while improving response.

    With a reputation for building rugged and reliable equipment, Caterpillar has the production facilities, technical capabilities, testing and quality processes necessary to produce valves to meet your application requirements. And Terra has the branch network and parts availability to ensure you can access them when you need it most.