For real benefits,
choose Cat Pumps & Motors.

Don’t wait for failure – this can lead to unplanned downtime and additional costs. Look out for the warning signs that include excessive noise or vibration.

Gear Pumps

Used in open-centre applications that require increased pressure and temperature capabilities.

Cat gear pumps are optimised with rugged journal bearings, high pressure end plates and high-temperature seals that extend component life.

  • Simple and rugged
  • High resistance to contamination
  • Durable and reliable two-piece cast iron vs. three-piece aluminium design helps to prevent shaft seal leaks that may result from impact
  • Smaller units use valves to improve hydraulic system integration
  • Available in fixed displacement

Vane Pumps

Used in open-centre applications, Cat vane pumps feature a refined design of the cam-rings, pressure plates and pressure seals to withstand tougher duty cycle requirements, including increased pressure limits.

  • Relatively simple and inexpensive
  • Used in less-demanding applications
  • Available in fixed displacement

Piston Pumps

Highly refined to satisfy the demand for increased hydraulic system efficiency, longer service life and improved overall value.

Every Cat pump model is customised to optimise performance and life for its intended application.

  • Most efficient
  • Highest pressure capabilities
  • Less resistance to contamination
  • Slightly higher cost
  • Available in fixed or variable displacement