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Wrong part, damaged part or just no longer need it? View our Returns Policy and instructions below.

Terra Cat Parts Return Policy

  1. All parts originally supplied from New Zealand stock will be accepted for full credit up to 30 days from date of supply.

  2. Parts will not be accepted for return after 30 days. Parts that are not normally stocked in New Zealand and are procured from overseas or are specially procured from New Zealand suppliers are not acceptable for return. Parts that are normally stocked in New Zealand and are out of stock at the time of order, if airfreighted into New Zealand, will be subject to the return conditions in Section One above. All overseas airfreight costs associated with return of parts are the customer’s responsibility.

  3. Parts that have been incorrectly supplied as a result of error or omission by Terra staff will be accepted for a full credit up to 30 days from date of supply. After 30 days, parts will not be accepted for credit return.

  4. Parts airfreighted from overseas, at the customer’s request, for a workshop repair will not be acceptable for Return.

  5. Acceptable Remanufactured Cores are cores that:

    • Meet the prescribed core quality criteria,

    • Are fully assembled, and

    • Are preferably packed in its original container (a surcharge may apply if the item has to be repacked for return to Caterpillar)

  6. A copy of our original invoice or packing sheet MUST accompany any parts returned for credit.


  • Parts that are damaged or removed from their original packaging

  • Parts that have been fitted or otherwise used

  • Cut hose and ‘made-to-order’ hose assemblies

  • Oils and fluids in containers are strictly non-returnable

  • Items replaced or discontinued

  • Any literature or software

  • Parts that are incomplete or rusty

  • Remanufactured Cores that are older than 90 days

  • Items that are unidentifiable

View our Terms of Trade here.

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