undercarriage inspection

When you purchase your new Cat undercarriage, you’ll be enrolled in our Custom Track Service program.

This qualifies you for a free undercarriage inspection, including a full inspection, test and report, allowing you to make informed undercarriage decisions to keep your operating costs on track.

Track Assurance

When your new undercarriage is enrolled in the Custom Track Inspection program, you automatically receive extended undercarriage coverage through Track Assurance, on top of the standard parts warranty.


Why wait. Take advantage of 0% interest and secured financing over 24 months on Cat Undercarriage options..

The only OEM designing and building undercarriage for more than 110 years.

Get the most from your undercarriage investment. Undercarriage represents an average 50% of your machine’s owning and operating costs, so it makes sense to invest in a system that will deliver the most value.

We design and build our own undercarriage, giving us 100% quality control for a machine-specific product match and low O&O costs.


Cat® undercarriage is designed to work and wear as a system to help make it last with correct operation and maintenance. Undercarriage maintenance costs can consume a large portion of your maintenance budget. It’s good to understand how it works so you can reduce wear and minimize costs.


Tight tracks create excess stress throughout the undercarriage, increasing wear on bushings, sprockets, links, and idlers. Follow the tension-adjusting procedures in your machine’s owner’s manual or consult your Cat dealer.


The extra flotation of the wide shoes used for muddy conditions can actually increase wear and strain on links, pins, and bushings when used in high impact conditions.


You can equip the machine to handle the soil conditions of a specific environment. Use center-punched shoes and optimize guarding in muddy conditions to reduce packing and the increased tension and wear it causes. Use extreme service shoes and carrier rollers for abrasive conditions.

Need a track service? Contact your local branch to schedule a custom track inspection and service.

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Offer valid 14 June 2021 through 31 December 2021. This offer is available to Construction Industry customers only. Terms and conditions apply. This offer is available to business customers only. Finance will amortise over the financing term. Finance subject to credit approval by Caterpillar Financial New Zealand Limited (NZBN 9429036240050) (“CFNZ”), first ranking security and execution of formal documentation. Interest rate will vary depending on the term of the loan. A minimum deposit of 15% may be required for 24 to 48 months financing. 0% offer applies for Caterpillar Undercarriage repair for a 24 month term, 1.49% applies for Caterpillar Undercarriage repair for a 36 month term, and 1.99% offer applies for a 48 month term. Contact CFNZ for offers on other machines. Fees, charges and terms and conditions apply. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and ends on 31 December 2021 unless withdrawn earlier.

Free undercarriage inspection available from participating Caterpillar dealers in Australia and New Zealand until 31st December 2021 for all steel tracked machines. The type of inspection offered, and associated terms and conditions, are set by each individual dealer independently of Caterpillar, and may vary. Track Assurance included with eligible purchases of Caterpillar undercarriage components ordered from participating Caterpillar dealers in Australia and New Zealand until 31st December 2021. Product considered ordered when the participating Caterpillar dealer receives a binding order in a form satisfactory to the dealer in its discretion. Contact your preferred Caterpillar dealer for more details about Track Assurance. Each participating Caterpillar dealer is free to withdraw these promotions at any time. Undercarriage products are sold by Caterpillar’s authorised dealers, which are independent businesses, on prices and terms and conditions, and such other offers, as determined independently by each Cat dealer from time to time. References to specific offerings available from participating dealers are provided as a guide only, and based on non-binding feedback provided by various Caterpillar dealers. Any specific benefits or outcomes associated with Caterpillar products may differ depending on individual circumstances, and no warranty or representation is offered in that regard (save as otherwise provided under an express product warranty or as required by law).