Undercarriage makes up an average of 50% of your machine’s owning & operating costs, so it makes sense to invest in a system that will deliver the most value.

We have options to suit any application. Achieve up to 40% more wear life with Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) and up to 50% lower cost per tonne with Cat® Abrasion™.

And with up to 20% off, 0% finance, free track assembly, free extended coverage and free inspections for a limited time, there's never been a better time to purchase your new Cat Undercarriage from Terra.

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Receive up to 20% off Undercarriage (excluding General Duty) and up to 15% off General Duty Undercarriage when you place an order and apply the promo code "UC22". Available to eligible Construction Industry customers (at Terra's discretion) only. Resellers excluded. Not available in conjunction with any other discount, including customer loyalty programmes. Offer ends 31 December 2022.

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When you purchase genuine Cat Undercarriage from Terra, you can spread the cost over 24 months at 0% interest with Cat Finance.

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Free Track Assembly

We want to help you get back on track and keep your machines running as they should. So when you purchase new Cat Undercarriage, we'll assemble it for free.

Buy Cat Undercarriage

Available on Cat 311-390 Excavators & D3-D11 Dozers only when purchasing Link Assembly, Track Shoe Combination and the related hardware. Offer ends 31 December 2022.

Undercarriage Assurance

All new Cat Undercarriages include complimentary enrolment in the Custom Track Inspection program, which includes extended undercarriage coverage on top of the standard Cat parts warranty.

Product Coverage
Years Hours % Worn
Hydraulic Excavators
Genuine 4 4,000 100%
General Duty 4 3,000 100%
Small & Medium Track-Type Tractors
General Duty 4 3,000  100%
General Duty SALT or Heavy Duty 4 4,000   100%
Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) 4 5,000  100%
Cat Abrasion 4 6,000   100%
Large Track-Type Tractors
General Duty 4 3,000  100% 
Heavy Duty 4 D9 & D10 - 5,000 100%
D11 - 6,000
Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) 4 8,000 100% 

Undercarriage Inspections

Once your Undercarriage is installed, keep your operating costs on track by enrolling in our Custom Track Service (CTS) program.

Custom Track Service includes a free undercarriage inspection (including a full visual inspection, test & report) so you can make informed undercarriage decisions.

Book an inspection

Frequently asked questions

  • How is Cat undercarriage designed?
    Caterpillar engineers design General Duty, Heavy Duty and Abrasion. All Cat undercarriage, including General Duty, are manufactured with Caterpillar’s consistent processes, supported by our established undercarriage supply chain and built in our manufacturing locations around the world.
  • Does General Duty have the same warranty?
    All Cat undercarriage, including General Duty, are backed by Caterpillar, Cat dealers and our Undercarriage Assurance Program. All major moving undercarriage components on Cat track-type machines are covered. Coverage varies by product.
  • Why was General Duty undercarriage created?
    Caterpillar added General Duty undercarriage based on global dealer and customer research. Customers reported that they find Cat undercarriage to be a good value; however, sometimes customers feel that the extended wear life and rugged durability of Cat premium undercarriage is not always needed. General Duty offers another option to help you balance product performance and cost.
  • How does performance vary among Cat undercarriage options?
    Like many other product lines, our undercarriage portfolio has options to meet different customer requirements. In the same way you wouldn’t buy a street tire for your race car, you wouldn’t purchase General Duty for an extreme application like forestry. The performance expectations for each undercarriage in the portfolio are differentiated, as is the value.
  • How does quality vary among Cat undercarriage options?
    The quality of all Cat undercarriage offerings is high. Utilizing good quality materials and carefully controlled manufacturing ensure that all Cat undercarriage components are reliable and wear at a balanced rate. General Duty, Heavy Duty and Abrasion are not built to the same performance specifications because each is intended to work within particular application and cost parameters. So, while the performance specifications are different, the quality and reliability are the same in the intended applications.

How to maximise the life of your undercarriage

Cat® undercarriage is designed to work and wear as a system to help make it last with correct operation and maintenance. Undercarriage maintenance costs can consume a large portion of your maintenance budget. It’s good to understand how it works so you can reduce wear and minimize costs.

Maintain optimum track tension

Tight tracks create excess stress throughout the undercarriage, increasing wear on bushings, sprockets, links, and idlers. Follow the tension-adjusting procedures in your machine’s owner’s manual or consult your Cat dealer.

Run the right shoe width for the conditions

The extra flotation of the wide shoes used for muddy conditions can actually increase wear and strain on links, pins, and bushings when used in high impact conditions.

Prepare machines for underfoot conditions

You can equip the machine to handle the soil conditions of a specific environment. Use center-punched shoes and optimize guarding in muddy conditions to reduce packing and the increased tension and wear it causes. Use extreme service shoes and carrier rollers for abrasive conditions.