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We are committed to reducing Caterpillar’s greenhouse gas emissions while helping our customers meet their climate-related objectives. We are supporting our customers during the energy transition to a lower-carbon future through investments in new products, technologies and services.


Caterpillar has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, one of our five Values in Action and a strategic area of focus. It is part of who we are and what we do. We have a legacy of providing products and services that continually improve the quality of life and the environment by helping our customers fulfil society’s need for infrastructure, including shelter, clean water, transportation and reliable energy – building a better world in a sustainable way. We supply a full range of Cat equipment, services and technology solutions, powered by people to drive tailored business solutions, enabling our customers to be safe, sustainable, productive and profitable.

News and Media

Sustainability Case Studies


CB Earthmoving

Smart Machines For City Rail Link Project

There are plenty of impressive statistics associated with the massive City Rail Link works in Central Auckland, but one of the most eyebrow-raising stats Cat excavator fleet owner Christian Balemi of CB Earthmoving has seen recently on the job was an absolutely tiny figure—in a very positive way.

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Southeys Group

Cat Assists Steps to Sustainability with Hydro Services

As the Southeys Group continues working to reduce its hydro excavator fleet’s carbon emissions, noise levels and water use, Cat Industrial Engines are there in support.

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Ruakuri Caves

Sustainable solutions from Terra Power Systems

The facilities of Ruakuri Caves are powered by a Caterpillar Microgrid technology system, using a solar-powered battery system with diesel backup. This off-grid solution powers the ticket and tour office, cave lighting, and a nearby water pump for farm irrigation. Ruakuri Cave is one for the bucket list. It is one of several caves in the Waitomo, near Auckland, and it’s been named a must-do experience by a leading travel journalist.

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Rebuilt Trucks Good as Gold

Terra Cat is proud to have partnered with OceanaGold Macraes on a major project to resurrect three Cat 789C trucks. Read more and watch the video below!

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Cat Reman and Sustainability


With sustainability becoming increasingly important, it’s great Caterpillar parts and machines can have more than one life thanks to remanufacturing or rebuilding.

Caterpillar has been remanufacturing components since 1973, saving energy and materials. Remanufactured – known as reman - parts are not just cleaned and reassembled. Caterpillar salvages, reengineers and remanufactures using state-of-the-art processes and technologies to recapture and renew the built-in quality and performance of the original part.

The production quality of Cat parts means they last longer and require less repair or replacement than other brands due to the high standard of the manufacturing process.

This has an immediate effect on both the environment, with less resources needed over a longer lifetime, and reduced running and maintenance costs for owners. And when a machine or parts do come to the end of their life, they can be remanufactured or rebuilt.

It’s a sensible as well as sustainable choice, with reman parts costing on average 40 per cent less than a new part without sacrificing quality. With Cat reman parts subject to such rigorous standards, they’re backed with a ‘same as new’ 12-month warranty.

Cat Reman Engine

Cat Reman

Cat Certified Rebuild


In the same vein as reman parts, certified rebuilds give Cat machines or components an entirely new lease of life, restoring them to ‘like new’ quality and adding the latest critical updates and improvements. A certified rebuild can be more affordable than buying a new machine. It also supports the environment. Rather than selling or retiring your old equipment, Terra Cat can rebuild it.

Rebuilding your equipment lets you keep the machine you are familiar with and returns it to its original performance and productivity. This lets you get more value from your initial investment with a longer lasting and updatable machine.

Certified rebuilds do more than return a machine to a same-as-new state, they can add new features to an older model. When buying a machine, you may have opted out of extras you now need. These options can be fitted during the rebuild, saving downtime. New safety features, technology or parts will have been released since your purchase and can be added as well. This improves the machine to a better-than-new state and adds significant value.

Certified rebuilds are not limited to the entire machine. Certain systems or components can be rebuilt, saving money and disposal costs. Rebuilt engines run more efficiently, saving fuel, while hydraulics can be re-energised to increase efficiency. Engines, transmissions, hydraulic, and drive systems are only some of the components that can be individually rebuilt as desired. While reman parts save one part, a certified rebuild can save an entire machine from becoming waste and give it a new lease on life for many years to come.


OceanaGold's Rebuilt Cat 789C

Our Commitment
Sime Darby has the target of a 30% reduction of Scope 1 & Scope 2 emissions by 2030
Sime Darby has committed RM250m into Environmental Social Governance (ESG) innovation
We are investing in energy, carbon, water and waste efficiencies
We have energy assessments being conducted at key sites to identify areas for future efficiency opportunity
We have invested in solar programs at a number of sites and are monitoring the performance for future investment
We have embarked on a program to replace our lights with energy efficient LED lights which is further increasing our energy efficiency
We are conducting water use assessments to identify opportunities to harvest more water, recycle and reuse more water and reduce our potable water demand
We have implemented a national waste contract which aims to increase the waste diverted from landfill and find solutions to high volume waste streams to avoid, reduce, reuse or recycle more
We have a number of community programs across the organisation, including Environmental Social Governance (ESG) councils in each business
We have Green Groups in each region looking for local environment and sustainability initiatives
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